Beer yeast

Since 2014, the company has mastered the production of dry inactive brewer’s yeast – a valuable natural vitamin and high-protein feed additive.

Dry brewer’s yeast is used to optimize digestion and increase the productivity of farm animals, as well as an important ingredient for the production of pet food due to the unique complex of vitamins.

Thanks to the work of highly qualified specialists and modern equipment, we produce a high quality product without the use of chemicals, artificial components and preservatives. Yeast meets all safety requirements for feed and is an environmentally friendly product.

Product Description:

“Dry inactive brewer’s yeast” product is made from residual yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) of beer production in accordance with TU 9184-001-25723337-2015. Appearance: flakes, scales in color from light yellow to light brown, with a smell and taste typical of yeast.

Dry brewer’s yeast is a natural product, rich in protein, minerals, vitamins of group B, which compensates for nutritional deficiencies and normalizes many processes in the body of animals. Yeast proteins contain a complete set of essential amino acids and are close in composition to animal proteins, they are well absorbed by animals.


Dry brewer’s yeast is a valuable high-protein food, has a high energy value of -11-1.3 EKA / kg, contains 42-47% of high-grade protein, rich in essential amino acids, 2-3% fat, 35-40% carbohydrates, 10- 13% crude fiber.

Dry brewer’s yeast includes in the rations of almost all types of farm animals, but they are most common in feeding pigs and poultry. Due to the high content of complete protein, a complete set of essential amino acids, a complex of vitamins of group B and other biologically active substances

They guarantee weight gain in poultry – up to 14%, in pigs – up to 20%, in cattle – up to 14%. The use of brewer’s yeast in nursery ponds contributes to an increase in the overall fish productivity of fish ponds by 1.8 times compared with the control.

In daily rations of animals, dried brewer’s yeast can be included in the amount of: pigs – 0.03-0.6 kg, cattle – 0.2-1.0 kg, sheep, goats – 0.05-0.08 kg, poultry – 1.0-20 g, to fur animals – 8-10 g.


Dry brewer’s yeast is a good raw material for the production of animal feed, add 3-7% by weight of the feed. They are good to use for mixing with poor quality silos from herbs and cereals.

Studies of domestic and foreign scientists, based on the practical application of dry brewer’s yeast in livestock farms, found:
• dry brewer’s yeast is a source of high-grade protein, vitamins, macro- and microelements and other biologically active substances and, when included in the rations of animals, has a pronounced growth-stimulating effect;
• have an adaptogenic, immunostimulating effect on the animal organism, increase resistance to infectious diseases and various extreme factors;
• have a probiotic and prebiotic effect, contribute to the normalization of the natural microflora of the digestive tract of animals;
• Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cell wall has detoxifying properties, adsorbs toxins of various natures, including mycotoxins.

Dry brewer’s yeast is a relatively new product on the Russian feed market. However, the effectiveness of their use has been proven by many years of experience in Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Finland, and Japan.

Specification Inactive dry beer yeast.